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About Sevenone

Sevenone Cycle Co., Ltd is established in 2009, located in Economic and Technological Zone , Penglang Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu province where is a neighbor city of Shanghai, for which provides convenient transportation as well as remarkable advantage of bicycle industrial base.


Beginning and Dreams

Focusing on the changing market, continuous development of technology in the electric bike industry, Sevenone is dedicated to extend product ranges, which are innovated, environmental and user friendly. Sevenone possesses experienced staffs in this industry, selects and procures best quality components from best and professional suppliers, which makes sure of the high quality products.

In order to play a better role in the e-bike industry, Sevenone will keep implementing on lean production and optimizing 5S production management, working on high-end product design, providing customers with premium products and services.


In response to the changing market and the continuous technological development in the e-bike industry, Sevenone is committed to expanding its product range to be innovative, environmentally friendly and user-friendly.


With experienced staff in the industry, Sevenone selects and procures the best quality components from the best professional suppliers to ensure high product quality. In order to play a better role in the e-bike industry.


Sevenone will continue to implement lean manufacturing and optimize 5s production management, dedicate itself to high-end product design, and provide customers with quality products and services.

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In the days ahead, we always welcome new friends and partners to join us on our innovative EV charging journey to make the planet more sustainable and greener!


from our partners

Kunshan Shunlun Bicycle Co., Ltd. at China International Bicycle Exhibition
Kunshan Shunlun Bicycle Co., Ltd. will present its brand new products at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from May 5 to 8, 2024 in the upcoming bicycle industry event - China International Bicycle Exhibition (CIBE). The company has set up an exclusive display area at Booth 1405 in Hall E6. This exhibition not only shows the professional technical strength of Shunlun, but also provides a platform for communication and cooperation with people inside and outside the industry. We look forward to the exhibition, Kunshan Shunlun can further expand the market and promote the sustainable development of the bicycle industry.

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